Regular maintenance of your septic system goes a long way to prolong the life of your septic system. 

Here are some resources about best practices and tips from the US EPA:


Septic Smart Slideshow - US EPA


Got Failed Septic? Click Here 


Reaching Out
Because Every Drop Counts...

In addition to raising awareness about the need to conserve water locally, BASIX also seeks to reach out to people of developing countries through organizations like Waves for Water and Charity Water to obtain basic life necessities such as clean, potable water and proper sanitation which support agrarian economies and sustain lives. 

Septic DIY

In 2015, seven of our clients in Solano County installed their own septic system.  In this section, we will add helpful resources to assist with this process. 









              Installing Risers



We will also be adding resources for Greywater Systems such as "laundry to landscape."

            AWWS Greywater System Brochure  

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Septic Friendly Plants

For information on what types of plants are appropriate for dispersal field covers, a very helpful resource is Hedgerow Farms in Winters California.  Visit: