James W., Vacaville, CA

"I own a five acre parcel in the Green Valley area in Solano County. A couple of years ago I considered selling this property. I knew that a septic system would be required for any houses built on this parcel as there was not a municipal sewer system in this area. I contacted the Solano County Dept. of Resource Management - Environmental Health Division and asked them if they had a list of recommended site evaluation and system designers for on site sewage disposal systems. They stated that they did have such a list and that they would send me one in the mail. I received the list and contacted one of the firms. This company wanted to be paid a substantial amount of money prior to starting their evaluation. I paid them and we agreed to meet at the job site on a given day. They showed up with two soils engineers and a backhoe and backhoe operator. This was the first time that they had seen the parcel. This parcel has a lot of rocky soil in the open areas and a lot of trees and brush covered areas. They went to the open areas and dug a small trench with the backhoe. They told me that the area did not have the proper soil to support a septic system and that their report to the county would state the same.

I was disappointed but not defeated. I went back to the list that the county had provided me and saw Les Miyashiro REHS. I called the county and asked what the REHS meant. They explained that it means Registered Environmental Health Specialists. I explained my situation and asked about Mr. Miyashiro. The person that I spoke with said he was highly thought of in their office and would probably be a good choice. I called Mr. Miyashiro and explained my situation. We agreed to meet at the property. Les walked the entire property and looked it over very thoroughly. He pointed out that due to various slopes and creeks that there were some areas on the property that were not suitable for the installation of an on site sewage disposal system. He also stated that there were areas that would be but it would require removing some of the brush in these areas. He offered to bring a crew to the site and remove the brush as needed. We agreed to meet the following day at the site. Les showed up with everything that was needed to perform the perc test. He had a crew that removed the brush from several areas. He and his son hand dug the trenches and drilled the holes for the test in several different areas. They carried the water needed for the test up the hill until they had the required amount for pre-soaking. I believe it was the following day that they actually ran the perc tests. Pouring a measured amount of water and measuring and timing it as the water level lowered. The result was several areas that passed the test. Les and his crew took all the extra steps necessary in order for my parcel to pass. I would recommend Mr. Miyashiro and his company to anyone needing a perc test performed or a sewage disposal system designed. He was polite, patient, personable and professional."