Bye bye wastewater, hello water efficiency.

1. First we conduct a Site & Soil Evaluation following the County's code to determine whether or not the county will allow your proposed site development project.

2. BASIX can assist you with estimating the entire outlay of your septic project including the installation based on our current experience with comparable bids by local contractors. 

3. After Phase I - Site and Soil Evaluation has been completed, BASIX gets to work on your Site Plan and Septic Design that is submitted to the County to get your septic permit.  

4. Once the County approves your septic system design, a permit is issued and that is your green light to get actual bids to install your septic system. 

5. Installation of your septic system usually takes 15 to 30 days. 

BASIX stays with you throughout this process to make sure your system is being installed to specifications, and we represent you with the County at four required inspections.  

Here's an example of an advanced wastewater treatment system that can save water and money