Why we are here.


We have seen great advances in our communities towards preventing climate change. Cities "going green," zero-waste, spare the air days, there has been an increasing awareness towards the stewardship of our planet. 


However, despite that, we have seen our precious water dwindle as rains come less and less each year, and we become more aware of how little we have taken care of our water. 

That's why at BASIX, we believe nature knows best. Instead of using water less,

we implement ways to reuse it, just like nature does.

Water recycling is our specialty.

Fit to your needs

We are about specifying the products that meet the particular demands of each site. While many of our clients have rural and remote properties with challenging terrain, you might need a compact system for you city garden, or a systems that takes care of your winery water waste.


Basix provides site-specific consultancy over a number of domestic and imported products that you can check out here.

Good match for the environment

Our systems have been designed to treat highly populated and drought affected areas such as Japan, Australia, and even California, in a cost-efficient manner. These systems were inspired by the need to change our water usage lifestyle to preserve the health of our environment and our future.

Designed for you

The BASIX mandate is to provide you with the best-in-class technologies at the lower cost possible. We have meticously researched and tested each system to ensure that every system we provide you will give you clean and clear irrigation water for a fraction of the cost of our competitors.


Join us and ask how you can get involved